What’s Next as Derivatives Continue to Change the Way We Think About Crypto?

Earlier this year, SynFutures launched FutureX, our pre-DAO committee, which will eventually control all of SynFutures decisions and actions. As SynFutures transitions to full community governance, FutureX will help to foster community between members, spark ideas for SynFutures’ development, prepare for SynFutures’ community governance and boost brand awareness of SynFutures.

Don’t Miss Out on Joining Our Community of Fellow Traders & Winning Awards in NFTs & USDT!

We are excited to announce the long-awaited Mission 5 of our Ambassador Program is officially out now! 👏👏👏

SynFutures has been thriving with consistent support from our followers and to show gratitude for our supports and grow our communities, we launched the Ambassador Program back in July, which recruits candidates…


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