Introducing SynFutures’ New Native Token Margin Feature

4 min readNov 12, 2021


The world of stablecoins is $100–150 billion, consisting of less than 5% of the total token market cap. Now on SynFutures, you can use your ETH, BNB, MATIC, WBTC, and many more other tokens to trade futures, and provide futures liquidity for fee income.


Using margin tokens across chains can be a costly and time-consuming process.

Normally when you are using a trading platform to open a new position for futures or pools, traders need to transfer the appropriate margin token (Quote Asset) to its account to ensure the margin is sufficient.

With this available margin, a trader can then go to the “Trade” page to input trading pairs before selecting whether to “Buy/Long” or “Sell/Short” to create a trade.

However, in order to prepare the appropriate margin token for the right chain, traders normally have to go to a third party DEX or CEX to make a token swap before going back to the desired platform, a process that is inconvenient and can result in the accumulation of high gas fees.

As a result, SynFutures is introducing the one and only native token margin function.


Users can now select native tokens that are available from desired networks and use them directly as margin tokens to skip the pesky swapping process. SynFutures native token margin will significantly increase the efficiency of our dApp and will optimize user experience while saving on gas fees.

Additionally, the lower the fee, the higher the trading volume. This new native token margin feature will allow permissionless transactions for traders, while allowing any project to list their own native tokens as quote assets. Users will still be able to enjoy benefits brought by tokens from their native platforms, all while increasing liquidity efficiency.

We hope that this new feature can boost trading activities within our community while increasing overall market awareness of the convenience of trading futures on SynFutures.

Join our communities and make sure to get all the latest updates regarding the new quote assets in the future!


We want to encourage more traders to try out our new features, and, as such, we will be launching a series of campaigns for our ambassadors to try out our new native token margin and win prizes.

Campaign period is set to be between Nov 12th — Dec 12th in UTC+8 timezone.

First up, we have missions privileges for our new ambassadors in mission 5 and mission 2:

Ambassador Mission #5:

Besides trading no less than 50,000 USDC(in any two chains of ETH, Polygon, Arbitrum, and BSC) to become a 5-star ambassador, now you can trade using the native token margin (ETH, BNB, MATIC, WBTC) to double your trading volume!

  • Ensure that your trading volume is more than 25,000 USDC ( or equivalent to 25,000 USDC) with a native token margin (ETH, BNB, or MATIC, WBTC).

Ambassador Mission #2:

Get a chance to become a two-star ambassador with SynFutures!

This mission is pretty simple, all you have to do is trade just $300 using the native token margin!

We will also be launching our Trading competition 2.0 soon. Stay tuned for more details on that!

Along with these campaigns, you can also win an exclusive NFT by promoting SynFutures on Twitter!

Follow these simple steps to be in with a chance of winning an NFT:

  1. Follow us on Twitter
  2. Join our Telegram & Discord
  3. Retweet this Tweet using the hashtags #crypto #DeFi #NFT $BNB $MATIC $ETH
  4. Trade with any trading volume with xxx-BNB
  5. Send your quote tweet link along with your Metamask wallet address to Discord #pioneer-nft channel

We will randomly select 100 users to distribute the reward!

Top 1 trading volume in each trading pair (quote asset in ETH, BNB, MATIC, or WBTC) will win a customized NFT

Stay tuned for more information about the launch of our Native Token Margin Feature and news on how you can win more excellent prizes!

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