SynFutures Partners with Mars Ecosystem to Seek New Web3 and DeFi Solutions

The team at SynFutures is delighted to announce its partnership with Mars Ecosystem. With both projects being core members in the DeFi community, our partnership will result in research and development of new applications of Web3 and DeFi technology.

SynFutures is a next-generation derivatives exchange, which is guided by the principle of openness and accessibility for our users. As we cultivate a free market, we help to maximize the variety of tradable assets and create a more equitable digital assets exchange market.

Now, we’re excited to announce our new partnership with Mars Ecosystem!

Mars has created an Ecosystem based around a decentralized and scalable stablecoin, which is a space specifically set up to allow for the creation and use of their stablecoin in one place, and making for a positive feedback loop.

These aspects make Mars Ecosystem the ideal partner for SynFutures, as we are both guided by the mission of establishing optimum use cases for emerging Decentralized Finance technology.

With Mars Ecosystem, SynFutures will work on Web3 developments and new advances in DeFi, seeking a way to make financial applications of these technologies more accessible and easier for our customers to use.

Stay tuned for more information on our partnership with Mars Ecosystem!

About Mars Ecosystem

Mars Ecosystem is the 1st stablecoin Defi ecosystem, which has successfully raised $2 million in seed funding from Continue Capital, etc. Mars Ecosystem’s smart contracts are audited by the best security auditors in the world: Certik and SlowMist. And offers a Bug Bounty with DeFi’s leading bug bounty platform, Immunefi.

Website | YouTube | Twitter | Discord | Telegram

About SynFutures

SynFutures is a next-generation derivatives exchange focused on creating an open and trustless derivatives market by enabling trading on anything with a price feed. By cultivating a free market and maximizing the variety of tradable assets, SynFutures is lowering the barrier to entry in the derivatives market, creating a more equitable digital assets exchange market.

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Trade Futures. Anything. Anytime. Trade on

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